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Temescal Studios, founded in 2015, is a woman-led artist community and gallery dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices to promote a more sustainable, economically just, artistically dynamic Oakland.

Temescal Studios operates with a member-based model of 8-12 artists who work out of the studio full-time. We offer artist showcases and art programming at free and sliding scales with the intention of making sustainable for the artist, accessible to the student, and available to the community.

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Ongoing Community Events:

  • CREATIVE MONDAYS: Once a week we host a meet up for anyone interested in developing a daily creative practice. Led by: Christine Trowbridge. (2016-2017)
  • WOMEN’s CIRCLE: Once a month we host a women’s circle for women of color. Led by: Yamini Oseguera-Bhatnagar (2017)

Past Events:

  • “Resist” Artwork By Claire Rabkin (2017)
  • “Memorias” Artwork By Alan Altamirano (2017)
  • “Nina Wright’s Girl Mobbs Grafitti Camp for Girls” (2017)
  • Mural and Artist Showcase: Chris Granillo, Julia Davis, Nina Wright (2016)
  • “Shipwreck Smiles Artist Showcase” Curated by Lauren García (2016)

 Past Teaching Artist-led Workshops:

  • Alan Altamirano’s printmaking workshop (2017)
  • Ginny Tremblay “Resist Print pop-up”. (2017)
  • Christine Trowbridge “Youth Art and Creativity” (2017)
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