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Our mission is to champion new art practices and emerging forms of cultural production through an institutional platform which fosters collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas. Since the hire of a new leadership team in 2015, the programming at Pro Arts has expanded to include a wider range of genres and modes of presentation, thus broadening the scope of what is considered “art.” We work closely and collaboratively with artist, curators, and cultural producers to develop and realize contemporary work in all media, ranging from installation and performance to experimental music and public work. We balance our exhibition schedule with ancillary activities, such as public programs, community engagement projects, workshops, and interdisciplinary art series. Our gallery location in downtown Oakland serves as a vibrant meeting spot for artists and the local community, and a catalyst that sparks dialogue and opens up new perspectives. We support close to 100 visual artists annually and attract a gallery audience of over 10,000. The gallery program includes exhibitions, commissions, interdisciplinary arts series, Studio Lab residency, and publications. We believe strongly in supporting artists financially and in compensating them fairly for their artistic labor.

Pro Arts is a non-profit art institution working in the visual arts, performance, music, social practice, public art, and education. Founded in 1973, Pro Arts is one of the few remaining institutions in Oakland that is artist-centered and that continues to function as a platform for experimentation, supporting the freedom to create challenging, non-commercial work in critical art context.

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