Artist’s Statement

I was born 1983 in Africa country Uganda with a degree in engineering and technology with industrial fine art and design.  After completing my education, I have been actively engaged in extensive art practices and teachings. Over the past 15 years my work has been shown and collected all over the world by collectors, embassies, and organization and private individuals, in Europe, Africa and U.S.  I have had both solo and group shows in countries like German, Holland, France, South Africa, Japan, United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Nigeria, among other locations. Various Art commissions include those by United Nations Kenya, Uganda, Museum of Kenya, World Bank in Geneva, United States of America Embassy in Uganda. I won art prizes on national and international levels and at workshops and conferences.

Oakland Neighborhood: Lives and works in East Oakland

Primary Artistic Media: Acrylics, oils, charcoal, pastels, pencils on canvas, bark cloth, art paper, boards.

Artistic Genre: Realism of animals, portraiture, religious and political themes, landscapes.Abstract and semi-abstract of thoughts, dreams and reality.

What compels you to make art?

I am so inspired. Motivated by the dreams and thoughts and reality of life and willingness to bring it all to reality, restore culture, and educate the public and to create an atmosphere that heals humans by the use of art therapy compels me to painting.

My selected areas of expertise are acrylics, oils, printmaking, collage, mixed media and drawing. At the start of my professional career in 2002 and up until 2008, I created using figurative expressionism, realism, and abstraction. In 2009 I begun to experiment more with textures and fabric, and my expressionism began to lean more towards Abstraction. In doing so, I began to fully enjoy the manipulation of colors and elements that I have mastered over the years. I began my art from dreams, thoughts, stories, and observation. I imagine how I can use my medium to engage my viewers in the upside –down thinking process: inspired, motivated and involved. I merge methods and materials experience of different dimensions from my various art disciplines. I have developed a style that is unique to me and that startles and intimately engages my viewers.

My innovative technique of painting is inspired by my experience and imagination. As an Artist I really do not just paint, I create using paint and any found materials. Once I start to paint one element of my composition leads to another throughout my production process and in my technique I drive layer upon layer of paints, but in a way to reveal the hidden colors and forms that lie beneath the top most layers of my work.

List of Current Exhibitions: Art Toronto Canada, East African artists Nairobi Kenya, la migration de couleurs Paris France

What are the biggest challenges you face as a working Oakland / Bay Area artist?

  • My background as an African from Africa ( color, education, Race)
  • Gallery criteria/systems of operation
  • Publicity
  • Promotion
  • Financial factors
  • Weather
  • Working space
  • Pricing

Given any challenges you have mentioned, what makes living and working in Oakland worthwhile and/or rewarding?

  • Environmental changes/weather that keeps me moving
  • My determination for the dreams I have
  • The great exposure and opportunities ahead
  • Personal strength and endurance
  • Hope and faith
  • Availability of materials
  • Potential market
  • Collaboration with other Artists
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