Oakland Art Murmur is the only organization committed to bringing the public to galleries and other venues to experience visual art in Oakland. But the benefits to your gallery or exhibit space are much greater than merely driving foot traffic! Here are 7 ways in which OAM is at work for you throughout the year:

  1. A One-Stop Website with Aggregated Information. Supported by excellent SEO, each year the OAM website attracts 56,000+ unique Bay Area residents and visitors eager to find current information on visual art venues and events in Oakland. It receives more than 340,000 annual page views.
  2. An Event Announcement Platform. First Friday Art Walk and Saturday Stroll website feature pages allow galleries and venues to upload announcements about upcoming exhibits and presentations.
  3. Physical and Online (Downloadable) Visitor Map. OAM’s Visual Art Venues Guide provides easy access to inform visitors of art venues by region, amplify foot traffic, and extend visit duration. Updated periodically, the map guides the public to venues throughout Oakland, and provides address information as well as business hours, so people can plan their visits.
  4. Third Saturday Gallery District Walking Tours. Free organized tours covering different art districts throughout Oakland draw more than 300 visitors each year. Tours are designed to be approachable even for those not highly knowledgeable about art. Curated and led by an arts professional, they include visits to 4 – 6 galleries each month, and often serve to introduce individuals to art in Oakland for the very first time.
  5. Promotion of the Visual Arts Scene throughout Oakland. In 2017, our programs ranged from forging a promotional partnership with BART that yielded more than 130K impressions promoting participation in Saturday Stroll Art Walks, to handing out gallery maps at Oakland’s Art & Soul Festival. We will be broadening our marketing reach again this year.
  6. Social Media Coverage and Editorial Referrals. We promote Oakland art through social and print media, and editorial coverage. In addition to our regular e-newsletters, we post content to more than 16,000 Facebook followers, 6,500 Twitter followers, and 2,100 Instagram followers. Because of OAM’s high profile, representatives from the media often contact us first for comments on Oakland’s art scene, allowing us to introduce journalists to galleries—a service we’re glad to provide.
  7. A Dedicated Contact. We provide an administrative contact you can follow up with to share ideas, ask questions, or get technical assistance to help keep your content on the OAM website current. Our contact also serves as a resource to answer the public’s questions about art in Oakland.
    This past year Oakland Art Murmur celebrated a major milestone: marking more than 1,000,000 participants attending OAM events and programs since our humble beginnings just over 12 years ago. In doing so, we’ve connected the public to the work of thousands of artists and hundreds of Oakland art exhibits.

OAM visual arts venues are asked to renew their participation with a contribution and send us updated information on a yearly basis.