Title: Yuri Boyko: Immersive Identity
Artist: Yuri Boyko
Dates: Feb 8th - Mar 9th
Time: Check Venue listings.

PHOTO presents Immersive Identity, an exhibition by Yuri Boyko and Valeria Troubina.  Their large, nude, figure-based photographs pose a challenging question, which Yuri Boyko addresses in his statement:

What is the relationship of each entity to itself? Immersive Identity addresses human self-conception in a sociological context. It explores radical change over time as well as ever present humanity. Human identity transcends national, cultural, physiological, sexual, or virtual signs—all the while immersed in them.

Working with archetypical structures and approaches in photographic media and using studio controlled environment we have observed and followed a development of a signifying persona-image. This stage-by-stage evolution of the image was natural for the model. She was not given set instructions, but rather suggestions of a psychological state of mind.

The series has two sections: “Figures” and “Portraits”. The former represents the evolving human socio type over history, and the latter reflects the personal presence and an affirmation of the omnipresent magic state of being.

Yuri Boyko resides in San Francisco Bay Area. He attended British Higher School of Art and Design.  Yuri’s current interests are in abstracting, relaying, and communicating signifying attributes of subject matter.
His work has been shown in the US, Ukraine, and Russia.