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SLATE contemporary presents formal painting and photography by emerging and mid-career artists.


Title: Opening Reception for Year in Color/Lunar Cycles new work by Carol Ladewig
Dates: Feb 28th
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This exhibition presents two large-scale installation pieces by Carol Ladewig and several smaller works, all of which come from an investigation over the last two years, into the question of how to make paintings that render an abstract concept (time and its measurement) visual and literal. The large pieces are both comprised of 365 paintings, each of which translates the mood and experience of one day into a single color, to finally build a year. In the Lunar Cycle piece (2012), she takes the record-keeping a step further, dividing each square into dark and light according to the percentage of the moon that was in shadow on that day. Her smaller paintings on canvas focus on a week each, accumulating to three-and four-week segments. The process of capturing each day and consistently producing a physical object is an important part of the work, which ultimately creates  an eloquent balance between practice, aesthetics, and  concept.