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Royal NoneSuch Gallery is an artist-run alternative art and event space located in the Temescal district of Oakland, California.


Title: Windows: a site-specific installation by Chris Fraser
Artist: Chris Fraser
Dates: Mar 2nd - Apr 7th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Royal NoneSuch Gallery presents Windows: a site-specific installation by Bay Area artist Chris Fraser. Fraser constructs environments modeled on historical image-making technologies, from the camera obscura to the magic lantern. In turn, he uses these antiquated apparatuses to project ephemeral images of the surroundings.

For Windows, Fraser has built a wall that diagonally bisects the gallery space. On one side of the wall there are windows with narrow apertures painted directly onto the glass. On the other side there are sheets of paper to catch the light that passes through these small openings. This ad hoc wall functions like a bank of stained glass windows, their colors determined by the weather and time of day.

Fraser arrived at his practice of making site-specific room-sized camera works in order to shift the viewer’s experience of photographic image from the quotidian and fixed to experiential and in flux. Windows uses the gallery as a camera obscura, one that accommodates both observation and locomotion. At the scale of architecture, this installation allows us to invest ourselves differently—to see ourselves as belonging to space rather than possessing it.

On view March 2 through April 7, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 2, 1-4pm
Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 1–4 pm

Special Event
Bob Miller’s Light Walk: Saturday, March 16, 3:30-5pm // With Bob Miller’s Light Walk as a performance score, Chris Fraser will guide participants through a type of perceptual training. Using our bodies and a handful of humble tools, we will learn how to find images in the light outside the gallery.