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Being the newest art gallery to join the popular Uptown Oakland art scene, the Fourth Wall Gallery takes its name from the theater where there is an imaginary fourth wall ...


Title: Unearthed
Artist: Elizabeth Harris
Dates: Sep 16th - Nov 11th
Time: Check Venue listings.


Elizabeth Harris is a recent recipient of the Berkshire Taconic Foundation’s A.R.T. Fund. Raised in Arkansas and Massachusetts, Harris is largely self-taught in the arts. A physician by training, Dr. Harris received her MD from the Boston University School of Medicine, with residencies at Boston City Hospital and Faulkner Hospital, preceded by her pre-med studies at Harvard University. Dr. Harris also holds a BBA from Southern Methodist University. Her work has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions, and is held in several international collections.

“In my process, I burn, tear, nail, and drill into the surfaces, continually building up and tearing down, and finding beauty in this expression of time passing. Each step is an intuitive reaction to the last.” 

-Elizabeth Harris 2017