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Artist-run GearBox Gallery showcases contemporary art featuring member artists and a broad range of regional guest artists. The GearBox is just downstairs from Transmission Gallery, close to the heart of the Oakland art scene.


Title: Traces
Artist: Ann Holsberry & TaVee McAllister Lee
Dates: May 30th - Jun 29th
Time: Check Venue listings.

TRACES features work by two artists who work primarily with paper to explore and contextualize the environment. Ann Holsberry collaborates with the forces of nature to create cyanotypes on paper and silk. Evidence of an explorer’s journey, they respond to a natural world subject to cosmic events as well as tidal and migratory movements.  considers her work evidence of another type of journey, traces of a thought journey or even a spiritual experience. Imbued with consumerist and materialist imagery, often at odds with the natural world, her work appears as if it has arrived through unexpected or mysterious connections to its tenuous place as enigmatic paper installations of a free nature.