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Interface Gallery is a non profit contemporary art space located in Oakland’s Temescal District.


Title: The sun shot out from its silver side
Artist: Elizabeth Bernstein and Gregory Kaplowitz
Dates: Sep 15th - Oct 15th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Interface Gallery is pleased to present The sun shot out from its silver side, a two person show featuring work by Elizabeth Bernstein and Gregory Kaplowitz.

For this exhibition, Bernstein presents a series of small photographs and photographic pairings, which rest casually on ledges, highlighting subtle formal and poetic relationships. Kaplowitz presents several cyanotype-based works, which are made by dyeing fabric in cyanotype emulsion, then producing a photogram by wrapping and weaving the fabric around plants in various environments and allowing it to develop in the sunlight.

Although both artists share an engagement with photographic processes, Kaplowitz’s pieces are printed on textiles, stretched and often layered, evoking the language of painting, weaving and minimalist abstraction. Bernstein’s work draws upon the felt experience of light and a minimalist presentation of recognizable objects to evoke an abstract emotional landscape.

This pairing highlights the quiet presence and ephemeral qualities in the work of both artists. The show title is derived from a quote from Annie Dillard’s essay Seeing, in which she describes a transcendent moment of pure seeing which was made possible only when something broke and opened within. In different ways, Kaplowitz and Bernstein invite us into such moments.