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Transmission Gallery promotes primarily regional and national figurative artists with an emphasis on Expressionism, California Funk and Socially Engaged Art. Please stop by and visit us. Gallery staff Ruth Santee, Cameron Brian, and TaVee ...


Title: The Russian Connection
Artist: Mac Mechem
Dates: Jun 7th - Jul 20th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Transmission Gallery is pleased to show work by Mac Mechem in “The Russian Connection.”

Many Transmission Gallery visitors remember the striking portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders that graced the postcard for our 2018 exhibition “Trump Card.” Others recall the fabulous portrait of Putin, Trump and Kim Jong Un from the same show or were taken with Mechem’s deft paint handling and the quirky vision of his work taking on political and social issues.

A lot has happened in the ensuing year and Mechem is at it again, delivering recent work examining the vagaries and phenomena of the current administration, climate concerns and social crisis with fascinating, sometimes excruciating, and exquisitely painted commentary.

With a seemingly never ending supply of subject matter, Mechem tackles each new frustration with controlled composition, careful imagery and meticulous painting, the combination of which communicate outrage and indignation constrained by a sobering view of the past, present and future.

The Russian Connection will be showing in concurrently with Beauty and Terror, featuring the work of Robin Bernstein.