Space Between Space | Questions and Answers by ASG’s Members

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Space Between Space | Questions and Answers by ASG’s Members

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November 1 - November 16

Space Between Space
Questions and Answers by ASG’s Members
November 1-16, 2019Aggregate Space Gallery is a video and installation space that was founded upon the phrase “install the unimaginable,” where the exhibition space was altered to adhere to the artist’s vision in an unprecedented way. Upon losing our space in July, we have entered into a temporary phase, existing between structures and in a temporary location. We are thinking about our surroundings in a new way and with Space Between Space, our members will be asked to respond to these questions with new work.Artists are frequently confronted with the task of pushing boundaries and redefining the world around them. Also, as they attempt to alter an environment, they must reconsider their own relationship to it. For these reasons, the act of operating within the very structures that we are trying to break can present an enormous task. This exhibition will address these considerations with the artist’s perceptions and investigations both on the individual and the collective level.Inspired by Common Field’s annual national convening and the Oakland Congress of Experience-Art Exhibition ASG co-hosted with the former Great Wall of Oakland in February 2017, we hope to convene and have a dialogue among our members and community.

Some questions include:
What is the role of art in Oakland? What is the role of artist-run spaces and projects?
Re-thinking “space”: what is needed to maintain space? What do spaces look like?
How can we work collaboratively to create a map of resources and needs?
How do we get the community involved? How do we define our community/who is our community?
How do we think outside of the traditional modes of support for the arts and re-imagine the possibilities of healthy arts eco-systems that encourage collaboration and support?
How do we tackle the pragmatic issues of fundraising, volunteerism, and community involvement, while also considering how their histories are intimately connected to these issues?
What modes of experimentation can we share with each other – what has worked, and what resources do we need/can we offer one another?

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November 1
November 16
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