About Johansson Projects

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  • 1-5 Thurs - Sat, & by Appt.

Johansson Projects is a contemporary art gallery that functions as curatorial laboratory, creating exhibitions that pair established and internationally-recognized artists with up-and-coming locals.


Dates: Jan 8th - Mar 11th
Time: 5:00 pm

In Sofie Ramos’ January residency at Johansson Projects, vivid playgrounds, fantastical constructions, and vibrantly textural wonderlands will take over the gallery space for her upcoming installation exhibition. Spilling beyond the confines of the canvas, Ramos stretches fabrics, string, sharp lines of color, and absurd forms in her physical interactions with space. Ramos insists on emphasizing process over outcome, resulting in installations where imagination runs free and throws itself into physical being. Her ‘visual logic’ contains an essential open-endedness and ambiguity. The resulting abstractions invoke human characteristics, domestic tropes through common household items, and integral elements of play. Ramos self-references mentor and poet Lyn Hejinian’s “Rejection of Closure” through the perpetually “unfinished” nature of her installations, discarding the hierarchy of “closure” in her ever-changing, ever-moving artistic process. She continuously reuses materials from past installations, so each individual piece lives on in newly evolved iterations. Her works exist in constant bold transition and cathartic, intuitive movement.