About Warehouse416

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  • 510-325-5703
  • Sat 1-5pm / 1st Fri 6-10pm

A family run gallery with private studio spaces & conference room, unique & edgy in style in an industrial aesthetic, promoting local contemporary artists.


Title: Slow Art Day @ Warehouse416
Dates: Apr 6th
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Slow Art Day occurs each year, at about 300 museums & galleries worldwide.  (And it’s FREE!)

What to get in on it?

1. Drop by our April Show between 2-3PM
2. We’ll invite you to look slowwwly at art: 5-10 minutes per piece
3. Discuss what it’s like.

Whatever the design is, all worldwide events share a focus on slow looking … and its transformative power.


*Discover more venues @ http://www.slowartday.com/2019-venues/. See listings under “O” — Oakland galleries representing!!*