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The mission of the Gray Loft Gallery is to provide exhibition opportunities for artists in a setting that is an alternative to the traditional gallery model. We hope to inspire, engage and celebrate artists in our community and beyond. We acknowledge the achievements of emerging, mid-career and established artists – with an emphasis on those who live and work in the Bay Area, in a non-traditional art space.


Title: Seeing Red
Dates: Feb 9th - Mar 9th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Gray Loft Gallery is very pleased to present Seeing Red, a photography exhibit that explores the color red. A variety of photographic techniques inspired by the color red will be on view, including mixed media, alternative process and traditional color photographic processes.  Red is associated with passion and drama, with strong emotions such as love and anger, and can be stimulating, vibrant and exciting.  In Chinese culture red represents luck and prosperity. Lovers of red are passionate with an enthusiasm for life – which is exemplified in this visually vibrant exhibit.

Participating Photographers:

Jeffrey Abrahams   |   Stephen Albair   |   J. Alderton   |   Caren Alpert   |   Robin Apple
Jo Babcock   |   Sarah Christianson   |   Marna G. Clarke   |   Sas Colby   |   Yoav Friedlander
Rhianna Gallagher   |   J.M. Golding   |   Lisa Toby Goodman   |   Marsha Guggenheim
Jeanne Hauser   |   Jessica Hayes   |   Judi Iranyi  |   Kevin B. Jones  |   Krista Kahl
Sherry Karver   |    Diane Kaye   |   Mike Kirschner   |   Lesley Louden   |   Ernie Luppi
Charlotte Niel   |   Eben Ostby   |   Troy Paiva   |   Tamara Porras   |   Pete Rosos
Jenny Sampson   |   Dean Santomieri   |   Susan Scott   |   Richelle Semenza  |   Neo Serafimidis
Styrous  |   Michael Teresko   |   JP Terlizzi  |   George Tomberlin   |   Jon Wessel   |   Susan West
Anita White   |   Stephanie Williamson   |   Karyn Yandow   |   Yelena Zhavoronkova


Image: The Land Remembers, The Land Heals by JM Golding