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Gallery at the Werkshack features local artists' fine art alongside creatively inspired high fashion items.


Title: Powers
Dates: Jan 12th - Mar 30th
Time: Check Venue listings.


with new works by

Raymond Wong

curated by Christine Ferrouge

In Powers, Raymond Wong juxtaposes traditionally painted figures against abstractions inspired by comic book art. Deep black marks and bright beige tones, create a surreal powerful structural backdrop. One of Wongs favorite source material is pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, a long running manga anthology. The fashion models are often in static poses. Their emotive faces and body language tell us that they have embraced their calamitous environments. Wong’s paintings suggests a dormant insanity within, or concealed power waiting to arise.


Raymond Wong studied fine arts at CSU East Bay and graduated with a BFA in 2007. He is a painter that draws inspiration from science fiction films and novels. His work has been shown at Panorama Framing, Oakland and the Asian Art Museum as part of the Matcha: Taking up Space event. From 2010-2012, Wong was a resident artist at Root Division, a community arts and education organization in San Francisco. He currently maintains his art practice at Autobody Fine Art in Alameda.