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Title: “Pacific Rim”: Fumiyo Yoshikawa and Joe Mielke
Artist: Fumiyo Yoshikawa, Joe Mielke
Dates: May 17th - Jun 22nd
Time: Check Venue listings.

Manna Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Fumiyo Yoshikawa and ceramics by Joe Mielke. ”Pacific Rim” opens May 17 and continues to June 22. A reception for the artists happens on First Friday, June 7, from 6 to 8 pm.  Both artists will give a brief talk about their work at 7 pm.

Fumiyo’s intense yet delicate abstract paintings are influenced by her formal training in sumi-e, where disciplined brushwork is used to merge calligraphy with related imagery. Her small to medium sized artworks combine her Japanese cultural background with a modern sensibility.

She says, “I resonate with the Eastern thought of ‘All creatures in heaven and on earth come from the same root as myself’ and ‘All things and I are of one substance.’ I imagine that the memory and consciousness of living things from a distant past are in a cycle, similar to an ecosystem. It is curious to imagine that my deepest consciousness is connected to the memory shared by this natural world.”

Fumiyo has exhibited extensively both here and abroad, most recently in Kyoto, Japan and Bradenton, Florida.

Joe Mielke presents ceramic vessels which are infused with a spirit that often recalls the aesthetic of the East as well.  His richly colored and textured raku finishes echo some of the elements found in Fumiyo’s work, forming a strong counterpoint.    Joe says,” I was seduced as a young artist in college. I had dreams of becoming a great painter… Then I met clay. We had an instant connection.Soon I realized that working in ceramics was all I wanted to do. After forty years, I still practice everyday and still enjoy it. I believe my best piece is still in me, waiting to be born.”Based in Hayward, Joe currently teaches at Tennyson High School in Hayward and is highly involved in promoting arts education in every classroom at every grade level K-12.  Joe’s work reflects a happy balance between functional pottery and the more decorative Raku pieces.