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Title: Oddly Satisfying: Ari Bird
Artist: Ari Bird
Dates: May 3rd - May 27th
Time: 12:00 am

Oddly Satisfying
Ari Bird
May 3rd – May 26th, 2019
Opening Reception: May 3rd, 6-10pm
Interactive ASMR Workshop: May 25th, 2-6pm

Classic Cars West Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Ari Bird’s Oddly Satisfying on May 3rd. Utilizing both tiny and oversized replicas, props and paintings, Ari Bird’s exhibition explores the oddly satisfying experience of elevating everyday objects/actions to become symbols of ritual, transcendence, and connection with others.

The element of exchange is central to Bird’s approach: when we observe another person engaging in a skillful act, we experience a small dose of mastery and control, almost feeling as if we are engaging in the act ourselves. Mirror Neurons in the brain awaken and produce a variety of pleasurable sensations. We observe, then eventually replicate and do. Our ‘doing alone’ is forever linked to our ‘doing with others’, and this is a core component that makes us social beings.

Even engaging in a simple task that one feels they are doing alone-holding, slicing, mixing, squishing, cutting, shaping, balancing-is done with others. The task may appear to be pointless, mundane, or childish, but it remains a soothing point of connection. This is how the tactile becomes larger than life, psychological and meaningful.

Opening on May 3rd during the First Fridays/Oakland Art Murmur events, and closing with an ASMR workshop on May 25, Bird will create a uniquely social, sensory and satisfying experience with these potent objects.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Ari Bird (b. 1988, San Diego, California) seeks balance in the interactions between seemingly disparate objects, shapes, and colors through varying mediums. Primarily a painter and installation artist, Bird lifts symbols from her surrounding to create new narratives. Her sculptural ‘props’, which are usually either comically large or small in scale, explore the cosmic and psychological meaning we imbue in objects. Bird has exhibited in galleries and diy/underground spaces nationally, and at times pursues curatorial projects. She has been an arts educator for over 6 years combined, and currently helps maintain the sculptures at Children’s Fairyland. Her studio and home are located in Oakland, CA.

ABOUT THE VENUE: Classic Cars West is a boutique vintage car showroom and contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Oakland’s thriving Uptown arts neighborhood, focusing on local and emerging artists working in a range of mediums.

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