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Vessel Gallery is a unique two-story 5000 sq. ft. exhibition space, originally built in 1906 as a horse livery. Vessel Gallery exhibits a range of emerging to established, local and ...


Title: Mined Matters
Artist: A solo exhibition by David Burke, sculptures by Luke Heimbigner
Dates: Sep 1st - Oct 14th
Time: Check Venue listings.

OPENING RECEPTION: September 1, during Art Murmur 6–9PM

We are excited to open our fall season with a solo show for David Burke. Burke’s recent work coalesces his ongoing concerns in the context of a new Administration. The result is an astonishing array of emotional responses to environmental protection deregulation, expressed in immersive abstractions that evoke the natural world, and feelings of contemplation regarding our relationship to it.

My interests in science, ecology, water conservation and climate change are at the forefront of my recent paintings . . . Pools of ink recede like oil-saturated waters at low tide while headframes emerge from a tangled field of structures, gears and wires. In some works the term mining is used literally while in others it is a metaphor for how we navigate and consume information today in an attempt to understand what issues matter to us most. The work becomes a confluence of environmental and social anxieties that pays tribute to the resilience of the natural world while acknowledging that our compulsion to expand is eroding the fragile
ecological framework of our planet. – David Burke, exhibition statement