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Transmission Gallery promotes primarily regional and national figurative artists with an emphasis on Expressionism, California Funk and Socially Engaged Art. Please stop by and visit us. Gallery staff Ruth Santee, Cameron Brian, and TaVee ...


Title: Mac Mechem: A Few Social Comments
Artist: Mac Mechem
Dates: Feb 3rd - Mar 25th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Two artists, two solo exhibitions this time around at Transmission Gallery:

A Few Social Comments is an apt description of this collection of Mac Mechem oil paintings. With precise painting and carefully blended color, Mechem sets out to point out a few things that maybe should be troubling us a bit, that perhaps we ought to take a look at. We already know this stuff but often choose to entertain ourselves instead of addressing the issues or thinking too much about them. Powerful expressions of hidden bigotry, the worship of excess, unbridled greed and arrogant nonchalance, these paintings certainly give one pause.

Mechem has spent the last several decades both teaching and honing his craft. His pursuit of the perfection of his surface and exquisitely wrought detail are fascinating to contemplate. Mechem finds himself now at the height of his productive and creative energy with a whole new panorama of human foibles and catastrophes at hand. The commentary can only continue.

Showing in conjunction with this exhibition is MENAGERIE featuring Joe Mariscal’s latest ceramic work.