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Interface Gallery is a non profit contemporary art space located in Oakland’s Temescal District.


Title: Lauren McKeon: Let go or be dragged
Artist: Lauren McKeon
Dates: Apr 15th - May 19th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Lauren McKeon: Let go or be dragged, with epilogue by Ross Simonini and a collaborative text.
Friday, April 5th – May 19th
Reception: Friday, April 5th, 6-8 pm Performance: Sunday May 12th, 2-4 pm

Interface is pleased to announce Lauren McKeon’s second solo show with the gallery, Let go or be dragged. For this exhibition, McKeon will present a series of sculptures exploring themes of physical resistance, weight and the body.

The title stems from a mantra the artist finds herself returning to in daily life when confronted with forces strong enough to drag us psychologically and physically through the world – be they political, interpersonal, or physical. In her life living on a boat in Sausalito, the physical forces are particularly acute. McKeon is in constant motion as dictated by: the weather, the moon, other humans and animals. Nothing is static. Flow precedes resistance and external forces are king. The tools around her – nets, ropes, traps, hooks – also stand as metaphor.

Ironically, while the tendency may be to resist, McKeon finds agency in softening, a letting go of the physical and mental bodies.

Let go or be dragged.

For the show’s epilogue, on May 12th, Ross Simonini will present a new iteration of his Quartering performances, in which participating bodies will map themselves using all four limbs. Simonini will compose a list of directives in collaboration with McKeon, which will explore movement through anatomy, personality, and non-personality. These will be presented as a sound piece during the performance, and will be available as a text throughout McKeon’s exhibition, putting the physicality of the show and performance in conversation.

Artifacts from the performance will remain on view through the shows end on May 19th.