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An artist-­run gallery founded as a venue for contributing members to exhibit, sell, and promote each other’s art in the Oakland/East Bay community. Mercury 20 Gallery hosts openings, art and community events, ...


Title: Jo Ann Biagini: Pentimento
Artist: Jo Ann Biagini
Dates: Sep 7th - Oct 14th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Jo Ann Biagini creates multilayered, collaged artworks inspired by the natural world. Reconfiguring pages from books about nature, and playing with imagery through drawing, painting, image transfer, layering and sanding, she explores connections among elements and patterns, both real and imagined. With these additive and subtractive processes, enhanced by improvisations of shape, color, scale and meaning, she evokes a sense of curiosity and mystery about the workings of the natural world and our relationships to it. “Pentimento” refers to the many corrections or repentances that are painted over and changed in the process of creating her works.



– Artists Reception: Saturday, September 9, 4-7 pm; Artist Talks 4:30

– First Friday Art Murmur: Friday, October 6, 6-9 pm