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SLATE contemporary presents formal painting and photography by emerging and mid-career artists.


Title: Opening Reception for Introductions: New Artists at Slate
Dates: Jan 24th
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for a special Thursday night reception to celebrate the opening of our winter group show, Introductions: New Artists at SLATE.

This is the first in a series of Thursday receptions, held in conjunction with 25th Street’s Winter Thursdays, one night a month when 10+ galleries and creative spaces on our block will be open until 8pm, with live acoustic music at 25th st collective 7-9pm, and Two-Mile Wines open until 10pm.

SLATE contemporary is proud to launch 2013 with an exhibition introducing eight artists new to the gallery.

SILVIA POLOTO: Silvia Poloto is a brazilian-born San Francisco artist working in multi-media formats that combine photography, painting, print-making, wood boxes, resin and fiberglass applications to create romantic, mysterious,and sometimes surreal imagery. She has exhibited across Europe, and was honored to have a solo exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art in 2012. Other 2012 exhibitions included solo shows at Julie Nester Gallery (Park City) and Butters Gallery (Portland) as well as group shows at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery, and at spaces in Boston, Sonoma, and Santa Barbara.

ANDRZEJ MICHAEL KARWACKI: Andrzej Michael Karwacki is a Czech-born artist living and working in Berkeley. His abstract paintings on panel, many of which are covered with a high-gloss resin, attempt to capture states of being, stillness, and equanimity, while delving into a rich sensory experience. He exhibits both nationally and internationally, with a particularly strong representation at galleries and art fairs in the UK.

RICHARD KOCI HERNANDEZ: Richard Koci Hernandez is new to the art market, although he has been shooting art photography and sharing it on instagram (where he has 167,000 followers) for many years. His aesthetic is personal and distinct, with a penchant for noirish cinematic mystery, urban silhouettes, men in hats, and surreal montage made from images shot both locally (he is based in Oakland) and on his travels. This work, combined with his career as a photojournalist, experimental videographer, and professor of new media at UC graduate school for Journalism have earned him an Emmy award, a Ted Talk, and other accolades including interviews in both the New York Times and LA Times.

MAYA KABAT: Maya Kabat not so much paints as builds abstract canvases, applying her pigments with a plaster scraper to build up highly-textured surfaces. Her compositions are geometric, based on the rectilinear forms found in her surrounding urban environment, while also acknowledging the square and rectangular boundaries of the work itself.  She lives and works in Berkeley and has had recent exhibits at the SFMOMA Cafe Museo, Claude Lane Gallery (SF),  Mercury 20 gallery (Oakland),Rogers Gallery (Portland), and the Dairy Center for the Arts (Boulder).

CAROL LADEWIG: In the last two years, Carol Ladewig has been making paintings and installations that render an abstract concept (time and its measurement) visual and literal. In these small paintings on canvas, each of which represents a week, she translates a day’s experiences and mood into a single color, and divides the passage into color and black according to the percentage of the moon that was in shadow on that day, creating an eloquent balance between aesthetics and a conceptual practice. Ladewig exhibits regularly at Kala art institute and at other venues in the Bay Area.

DANIELLA WOOLF: Daniella Woolf is an encaustic artist living and working in Santa Cruz. For this exhibition we have selected delicate three-dimensional work made with wax and paper that has been sewn, cut, written and drawn on. The forms feature pattern and repetition, often taking on references to textile fabrication, while challenging the viewer with passages that are both obvious and occluded. She has exhibited in South Korea and Europe, at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Craft and Folk Art Museum (LA), and in dozens of shows  across the United States.

VIVI HARDER: Vivi Harder trained as a painter at Rhode Island School of Design before moving to British Columbia to pursue a career in commercial design. Her recent paintings, which have been exhibited at several galleries in Canada, are quiet statements; carefully balanced formal compositions that evoke silence, thought, and time.

ALICIA WOODS: Alicia Woods’ tiny baskets are made with hand-spun discarded cassette and reel-to-reel tape that are wrapped around scavenged fiber optic cable using traditional basket-making techniques from Pheonecian, Greek, and African cultures, and decorated with parts taken from office printers, VCR tapes and circuit boards. They bring the past and present together, although the modern“high tech” materials Woods uses are themselves already obsolete, worthless in a world where the technology of communication advances at lightning speed. Woods has shown at the Olive Hyde gallery, Pro Arts Gallery, at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, and at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.