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Temescal Studios is a woman-led artist community and gallery dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices to promote a more sustainable, economically just, artistically dynamic Oakland.


Title: Holding Space
Dates: Nov 3rd
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Rosesharon Oates “Holding Space”

Live music by Sergio Bitencourt, coordinator of Balanço de Angola

Blessing and sage by Medicina

 Artist Q & A @ 7PM

“Holding Space” artwork by Rosesharon Oates will debut at Temescal Studios on November 3rd. Spiritual, transformational and philosophical in nature, Rosesharon’s evocative imagery in “Holding Space” depicts images of fierce and courageous women in their power, transforming the world as we know it from the inside out.

The artwork engages the audience with the awareness that what affects one affects all. In her work RO explores how we hold our own and others’ grief without allowing it to take us under. Without ignoring current reality or past history, how do we move forward with Love? Contained within every image of “Holding Space” is personal account of resilience and inspiration.

*10% of art sales from this event will be donated to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.*

About the Artist (current and future projects):

Rosesharon Oates is a long time Oakland resident artist, activist, educator and youth mentor. The theme of her most recent wood burning work is Rebirth (also the name of one of her favorite bands from her birth city of New Orleans!), addresses what might we release in order to be more free. She was recently nominated as one of the recipients for the Individual Artists Cultural Funding Grant with the City of Oakland so please keep an eye out for her upcoming She Rose Project, documenting inspiring Oakland women in leadership!


Want to learn more? Rosesharon will be hosting a wood burning workshop at Temescal Studios on Sunday

TIME:3-6 pm

FEE Sliding Scale $25-$45

Participants will leave with a small wood burning of their own and a introduction to the art of wood burning.

Contact: temescalstudios@gmail.com