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Art@Archer is a gallery in a bike shop!  The mezzanine area of the shop is devoted to exhibiting works by Northern California artists.  Exhibits change every two months. Most shows ...


Title: Graffiti Chic
Artist: Akeem Raheem
Dates: Mar 1st - Apr 28th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Akeem Raheem brings his work to Art@Archer for the months of March and April. Growing up in the Bay Area, Akeem found that his mind was filled with pictures and images. He communicates that to us with spray paint cans and a canvas.

His style is often infused with African symbolism and pride. However, at other times, it projects something he thought of in a story he wrote, or a reference to hip hop music, or a motivational quote.

Join us in welcoming Akeem to the “gallery in a bike shop.”

More of Akeem’s work can be seen on Instagram @akeemraheem