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Founded in 2006, Mercury 20 is a contemporary art gallery established, supported and operated by East Bay artists. Mercury 20 maintains a venue for artists to exhibit, develop, and advance ...


Title: First Friday: Dunn/Reyes
Dates: Nov 3rd
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Please join Mercury 20 Gallery for the first Friday festivities celebrating the work of Terry Dunn & Fernando Reyes. The two solo shows continue thru Nov. 25.

Terry Dunn: Garden 2

In Garden 2 Oakland artist Terry Dunn presents his latest work, three-dimensional wall pieces.  Individual carved and painted elements are assembled and evolved into whimsical and evocative concoctions.  In response to a sense of dread due to the current destructive impact of man on the natural world, Dunn has turned to the exuberant beauty of nature for inspiration and solace.  By closely observing plants, and in particular flowers, he has reinvented nature and created a fantastic and playful botanical world.

Fernando Reyes: Making the Cut

The works in Fernando Reyes’ Making the Cut are made with his own hand-printed paper that is cut and arranged into patterns.  He has created mono prints for many years but the idea of cutting and collaging them arose in late 2014 after seeing a retrospective of Matisse cut-outs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Known for his figurative work, this is Fernando’s debut of abstract art.  The images reflect a myriad of sources that have captured his imagination, from whole art movements like Mid-century modern art; from individual artists like Alexander Calder and Ellsworth Kelly; from visual childhood memories of furniture, buildings, commercial advertising, fashion trends, movies, and television (The Jetsons, Laugh In); from the neon signs of Las Vegas in the 1950s and 1960s; or from shadows cast by trees, fences or other structures.  They are meant to arouse the senses, to conjure emotional states, to enliven curiosity, and to instigate the telling of a story.