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Founded in 2006, Mercury 20 is a contemporary art gallery established, supported and operated by East Bay artists. Mercury 20 maintains a venue for artists to exhibit, develop, and advance ...


Title: First Friday: Bohr, Fuller, Ratcliff
Dates: Mar 2nd
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

ERIC BOHR | invocation



–Multi-media artist Eric Bohr presents invocation, a show of new work at Mercury 20 Gallery. Working intuitively by using the practice of mindfulness to set intention, and then letting the work proceed, the artist began each piece with a sense of openness. Allowing for the interplay of artist and medium, the pieces were guided and coaxed to a sense of completion by the push and pull of subject and object. While creativity is in motion there is agency for change. Choices are continuously being made, evaluated and revised. The artist is especially interested in showing this in the finished work, leaving the evidence of process in place.

–Some of the artworks in Andrew Miguel Fuller’s Thin Skins are created from hundreds of feet of metal rod, chopped into tiny pieces and painstakingly reassembled.  Others are assemblages of found objects, fastened so that, together, the thin skins they create suggest something as solid, as singular, as familiar as a pair of shoes or the human body. They are all born from a fascination with a paradox in the intensive repetition of objects in the physical world.  That is that they simultaneously simplify as they become increasingly complicated.  Repetition within a larger form creates something vast, something heavily textured, and much more complicated than each individual component.  And yet these many individual pieces also become singular.  Out of many, a simplified one arises.  These thin skins aim to be tiny psychic mirrors to their viewer, reflecting partial moments of life and a glimpse into our own inner worlds.

Circumference includes five new kinetic works that extend Mary Curtis Ratcliff’s 2016 solo exhibition, Full Circle.  For the third year in a row, Ratcliff has continued to explore multi-part image-bearing circular kinetic sculptures that are suspended from the ceiling and continuously change as they turn and interact with each other.  The largest, “Untitled (Jellyfish),” 2018 (56 x 66 x 62 in.) combines various materials – tyvek, polyester, acrylic, ink, linen and steel – in an overlap of transparent images layered in space. The exhibition includes earlier wall-mounted two-dimensional circular works, also derived from Ratcliff’s photography.  These works combine the techniques of painting, drawing, and transfer to complete the compositions and demonstrate Ratcliff’s longstanding fascination with circular forms.

Shows continue: FEBRUARY 15 – MARCH 24, 2018
First Friday Art Murmur: Friday, March 2, 6-9pm