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Classic Cars West is a 13,000 sqft boutique vintage car showroom and multi dimensional gallery / art space. We are also a Beer Garden and Vegan Restaurant. We feature local ...


Title: All Oakland Mini Film Festival
Dates: Sep 17th
Time: 12:30 pm - 10:00 pm

All Short Films. All About Oakland.
Interactive screenings, live guests, critical exploration, filmmaker conversation, and casual celebration of local life.

[tickets and schedule below]

Love, Loss, and the Local Landscape
12:30PM – New Parkway Theater
Outstanding short films look closely at Oakland’s evolving landscape. How do we see our city’s past and future? Join filmmakers, subjects, and neighbors[…]

Going Somewhere from Here
7:30PM – Classic Cars West
Open air screening featuring place-based films that examine local identity, growth, and the notion of home. From growing up in Oakland, to[…]

Tickets Available.
$10 Parkway ticket good for entry to opening and closing events.
Plus explore Short Films at other Art Murmur venues throughout the day.
See schedule here.

Or preview our film-by-film listings.