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Ashara Ekundayo Gallery (AEG) is an arts exhibition and events venue located in the Uptown/KONO Arts District in Oakland, CA that exclusively showcases the archival, contemporary art, and new media works ...


Title: Elemental
Dates: Nov 9th - Dec 21st
Time: All Day

Elemental is an exhibition featuring photography and film. It asks, without essentializing, what is blackness in its element? What is blackness as an element? What are the states of Black matter, what is its natural habitat? This is not a reduction of blackness to some animal or abstract state of existence. It is, rather, a set of open-ended questions about the almost infinite components and expressions of blackness. It spans the sacrosanct and the profane, the solemn and the irreverent, the living and the (existence) beyond, the literal and the allegorical, the “natural” and the otherwise habituated.

The show will open on November 9th, and will run until December 21st. This is the curatorial debut and culmination of the residency of the Ashara Ekundayo Gallery artist-in-residence, Zoé Samudzi.

For more information, visit the Ashara Ekundayo Gallery website.