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Gallery at the Werkshack features local artists' fine art alongside creatively inspired high fashion items.


Title: Closing for City / Garden
Dates: Jun 1st
Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

City/Garden is group show asking artists and community hubs to reflect on the idea of Oakland as a garden and make a piece expressing the growth of their practice and community here. 

As artists when we talk about the Oakland arts community we must also acknowledge the importance of the arts adjacent communities in facilitating our creativity. The meaningful connections that can happen at a restaurant filled with welcoming energy, the aesthetic call and response of the nail parlor, the freedom to literally transform oneself offered by the tattooist. This community building is relevant to art culture and genuine form of expression. We can’t glorify the alternative art spaces without at least a nod to these other places that foster us as artists.


This show is curated by Holly Bobisuthi

Show runs: April 5 – June 1

Artist Reception Friday May 3rd



Gallery at the Werkshack

481 25th Street

Oakland, CA 94612

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Ari Daoheuang  -photo

Shannon Danielle Taylor – drawing/

Ro Cruz– nails

Sequoia Vennari -community restaurant /clay

Janine Ramos  -flash/tattoo