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Title: Christine Brinson at Kim Cole Real Estate Art Gallery!
Dates: Jul 12th
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Featuring the stunning portraits and abstracts of Christine Brinson.


Please join Kim Cole Real Estate for art and bubbles as we exhibit the captivating work of Christine Brinson!

Christine Brinson is a self taught, contemporary artist currently working with acrylics on canvas.  Her expressive style appears minimalistic but more complicated than the images initially let on. She uses a variety of techniques that focuses on the colors and allows the viewer to explore the paint.


Artist Statement

“My work explores the unique relationship I have with color. Inspired from personal experiences and the innate ability to see beauty, new variations of color are created from both emotion and imagination. I am fascinated by the endless flux of color. What starts out as a visual stimulation soon arouses my imagination, leading me through an emotional journey and the prospect of a new experience”.

We hope to see you there!