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Classic Cars West is a 13,000 sqft boutique vintage car showroom and multi dimensional gallery / art space. We are also a Beer Garden and Vegan Restaurant with a full ...


Title: California Pit Bull Rescue – Annual Fundraising Gala
Dates: Jun 2nd
Time: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

“Please join us for California Pit bull Rescue (CPR)’s seven-year anniversary celebration. The evening will be filled with good eats, beer, wine, a silent auction, photo booth and more!

This year will mark passing the seven-year mark as an official non-profit for California Pit bull Rescue! We would love to celebrate with you on Sunday, June 2nd Our yearly fundraising event is an integral part of our fundraising efforts, which allows CPR to launch our services and programs, and as such, we are expecting guests to attend from across the Bay Area and beyond.

At this event, we will provide guests an opportunity to meet some of our rescued and thriving dogs, in addition to seeing the happy endings (or new beginnings) we have created for both people and canines. We will also be honoring our foster families and volunteers for their tireless work in helping us get to where we are today.

Summer outdoor cocktail party attire preferred . . . come on, we know how you all love dressing up! Children are welcome to attend but please keep your dogs at home.

More about California Pit bull Rescue:

All dogs deserve a fair chance to live, grow and learn in positive environments. That is why California Pit bull Rescue (CPR) was formed; to provide comprehensive and individualized programs that assist pit bull type dogs to become socialized, loving, healthy family members, in addition to creating supportive, safe environments for them to thrive.

CPR’s long-term goal is to provide services throughout Northern California, making an immense improvement in the lives of at-risk dogs and their guardians. Whether it’s easing the tax burden on citizens and decreasing euthanasia rates or building dogs’ social skills through training or teaching them to be canine ambassadors, giving them a chance to thrive in permanent homes, or in countless other ways, CPR currently serves the San Francisco Bay Area, working hand-in-hand with guardians in need, rescuers and municipal shelters.”