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Title: “Black Market” Artwork by Milton Bowens
Artist: Milton Bowens
Dates: Feb 2nd - Feb 24th
Time: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Black Market (Front Gallery)

Milton 510 Bowens
When: February 2 – 24, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, February 2nd, 6-9pm


Joyce Gordon Gallery presents, “BLACK MARKET,” an exhibit of paintings by Milton 510 Bowens which focuses on the black dollar in the context where all capitalism and commercialism is conducted without respect to a true revenue enhancement system that sustains the black Community and its Infrastructure.

It has been reported that, “Black money today is created at every level of the American Economic system”.  Yet Blacks continue to represent the lowest categories when it comes to wealth and wealth creation in this country.  The work in this exhibition will explore how the almost non-existing circulation of black money has adversely affected the Black Communities Cultural and Economic Systems in several ways. Bowens does not claim to be an economic expert, nor a societal scientist. He is merely an artist whose work looks to the people for the cause and the reply. He takes a bold stance by suggesting that his people, African Americans, Black Folks today can be both the cause and solution to their economic struggles here in America. “Eye want this exhibition to generate more than dialogue, Eye want this work to spark a real action.” – Milton Bowens

Born and raised in Oakland, Calif., Milton Bowens, is the fifth boy of ten children and also the youngest of the ten, that’s the origin of his unique signature Milton 510. Milton’s artistic promise began at the age of five with nothing more than a few pencils and cut up brown paper bags stapled together and used as sketch paper, thanks to his mother’s ingenuity of making the best of lean times. Milton never lost sight of his humble roots. Discreetly placed on many of his collage works is a piece or strip of brown paper bag a subtle reminder it doesn’t take much to spark creativity. Years later, Milton’s formal art education took off while he attended the Renaissance Art School in Oakland during his junior and senior high school years.

Milton is a nationally recognized artist and activist, who has been creating powerful work for over the past 20 years. With his unique brand of mixed media paintings, enveloping the viewer as witness, participant and long lost relatives, they’ve became reflections on family, life and culture. Having one of his jazz collections “Afro-Classical” used as a part of course study on the Harlem Renaissance at Cornell University since 2009.