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Transmission Gallery promotes primarily regional and national figurative artists with an emphasis on Expressionism, California Funk and Socially Engaged Art. Please stop by and visit us. Gallery staff Ruth Santee, Cameron Brian, and TaVee ...


Title: Beth Fein: When Words Fail
Artist: Beth Fein
Dates: Aug 4th - Sep 24th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Although largely abstract in nature, Beth Fein’s installations and interactive pieces serve to locate us in a social landscape where common ground has seemingly evaporated in duel of opposition. Her concerns focus on the relationship between entrenched and differing points of view on a broad or public level, as recently seen in the deep political divisions of our country, while acknowledging the experience of the individual who may feel powerless or frustrated, at a loss for words in the face of conflict or public reaction. Her installation pieces invite us to consider these seemingly intractable circumstances, offering options for change in quiet reflection on the work.