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Art@Archer is a gallery in a bike shop!  The mezzanine area of the shop is devoted to exhibiting works by Northern California artists.  Exhibits change every two months. Most shows ...


Title: BEITIA: The Extraction of My Existence
Artist: Aaron Beitia
Dates: Feb 1st - Mar 31st
Time: Check Venue listings.

Multimedia artist, Aaron Beitia, is presenting a collective of his artwork, illustrating the trials and tribulations of being an Afro-Puerto Rican self-taught artist in 21st century America. His art depicts an uncommon love and emotion between humans and things. He removes race from his paintings by replacing skin tones with a wide variety of colors and hues. He uses objects that are spoken of, but never seen as common denominators of our culture. He alters them in ways that question right or wrong, attitudes about current day events, and fears and unwritten rules that shape our environment and our behavior within it.

First Friday receptions will be held February 2 and March 2 (6-9 pm)