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Title: aleph 5 by Sheila Ghidini
Artist: Sheila Ghidini
Dates: Jun 7th - Aug 23rd
Time: Check Venue listings.

Chandra Cerrito / Art Advisors is pleased to present aleph 5 by Sheila Ghidini, the second edition of our Commissioned Art Program, on view June 7 – August 23, 2019.
In The Aleph, by Jorge Luis Borges, a place that one of his characters comes upon is described as “a point in space where all points converge.”
Sheila Ghidini’s work over the last few years has incorporated the visual language of architectural enclosure as a means of investigation, compelled by this notion. For years, she has used the mini-architecture of the ordinary ubiquitous chair to explore the idea of spatial perception and architectural form, both two and three-dimensionally.
In aleph 5, Ghidini’s site-specific drawing installation very literally seeks “a point in space where all points converge,” as a means of questioning spatial enclosure and our spatial perception.
About the Commissioned Art Program:
For 2019, CC/AA has invited artists to propose new artworks, each to be installed at our Oakland space for 2 or 3 months. The Commissioned Art Program’s objectives are to feature exceptional artwork that responds to the space, to support artists in exploring new directions that further the development of their work, and to highlight creative artist interventions.