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Local Language Artist in Residence program offers space, time and facilities for artists in a multitude of disciplines to explore creative pursuits and further their art practice.  Artists are invited to ...


Title: AIR @ Local Language: 2016-2018
Artist: Alumni
Dates: Feb 2nd - Feb 23rd
Time: Check Venue listings.

The Local Language Artist in Residence program offers space, materials, and equipment for artists in a multitude of disciplines to explore creative pursuits. Each artist works with an experienced technician utilizing digital tools and traditional hand craft to further their own art practice. Previous AIR artists include a wide range of California contemporary artists:

Chris Trueman
Howard Hersh
Jeff Hantman
Kelly Ording
Lauren Napolitano
Meghan Shimek
Michael Koehle
Recheng Tsang
Treasure Frey
Victoria Wagner
Windy Chien
Yulia Pinkusevich

The Artist in Residence (AIR) Edition is an important component of the residency program where the artist reinterprets their original work as fabricated by the Local Language team. The AIR Editions are available for reproduction after the close of the residency and are affordable and collectible in the spirit of creating a diverse, high-end portfolio of artwork accessible to collectors of all levels.

Local Language is an Art, Design, and Fabrication studio providing curated art collections for commercial properties across the globe. We are a working art manufacturer. Made in Oakland.