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Pro Arts is an Oakland-based nonprofit arts organization that supports experimentation in the contemporary artistic process and practice through exhibitions, commissions, residency programs, research, satellite projects, digital platforms and publications. Annually we exhibit over 200 artists, conduct over 300 art education programs for youth, and reach an audience of over 8,000.


Title: The iAltar by Brian Reinbolt
Artist: Brian Reinbolt
Dates: May 3rd - May 31st
Time: Check Venue listings.

The iAltar is a contemplative view station staging a meditation on the power of the ubiquitous search engines which surround and supply us with their vast and fallible knowledge.  The iAltar uses small independent computers to send out an un-intentioned random two-word invocation.

The search engine expecting intentionality patiently tries to interpret the phrase and answers with a set of images as its visual response. The images are displayed accompanied by the invocation spoken in the voice of the search engine itself. A local computer composes and performs a continuously changing devotional soundscape.


About the Artist:

Installation and mixed media artist Brian Reinbolt uses his experience in the tech Industry to produce his works of art. He is also an electronic music composer an accomplished pianist. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.