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Artist-run GearBox Gallery showcases contemporary art featuring member artists and a broad range of regional guest artists. The GearBox is just downstairs from Transmission Gallery, close to the heart of the Oakland art scene.


Artist: Deborah Oropallo + Andy Rappaport + Tamera Avery
Dates: Feb 14th - Mar 16th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Video’s by Deborah Oropallo, with soundtrack by Andy Rappaport, and paintings by Tamera Avery examine concerns that are often at the heart of public and national debate, fueling, possibly very reasonable, social anxiety and insecurity.

Using parallel processes, Avery and Oropallo cull content from the vast resources of the internet, cutting, translating and assembling their works in potent examinations of climate change, gun control, immigration, xenophobia and other issues with somewhat painful prognostications for the future. The visually intriguing play between them engages on multiple levels, on the one hand concrete and monumental and on the other, contemplative and ephemeral, and in combination visceral and mesmerizing.

Exhibition runs February 14 – March 16, 2019

Galery Hours: 

Thurs & Fri from12 noon – 6 pm,
Sat from 11 am – 5 pm
and the First Friday of every month 6 – 9 pm

Artist’s Reception: Friday, March 1st from 6-9 pm