Jogging in the Park by Maura Segal

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SLATE contemporary presents formal painting and photography by emerging and mid-career artists.


Artist: Maya Kabat, Lola, and Maura Segal
Dates: Nov 2nd - Jan 6th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Three SLATE artists examine modernism through playful forms, colors, and lines.

Maya Kabat’s abstract oil paintings reference the urban landscape of Northern California, exploring relationships between architectural elements, California light, and the balance of color, line, plane, and space. Inspired originally by Diebenkorn’s work, Kabat often works intensely on the edges of her canvases, incorporating the external form of the object into the internal dialogue of the piece.

For 23 years, Lola has made northern California home. The New York native trekked out west and stumbled upon a career as an artist, and while without formal training or color education, this artist commands color theory as if she had studied with Ellsworth Kelley or Mark Rothko. Each painting has notes of midcentury with a calm contemporary appeal and the bold colors are representative of the artist’s vivacious and confident personality.

Maura Segal creates abstract, multi-layered artworks from papers and acrylic paint. She is deeply inspired by the Los Angeles landscape and lifestyle, from the sun-drenched plants to the bustling network of intertwining urban roads and intersections. She feels a relationship between these coexisting elements reflected in the juxtaposition of dense, geometric paper forms and the free, expressive and rhythmic lines.

Opening reception: Friday November 3rd | 6-9PM  | Artist talk and tour: Friday November 3rd | 6:30pm