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Johansson Projects is a contemporary art gallery that functions as curatorial laboratory, creating exhibitions that pair established and internationally-recognized artists with up-and-coming locals.


Title: Loop Melody | Alexander Kori Girard & Rachel Kaye
Artist: Rachel Kaye and Alexander Kori Girard
Dates: Dec 7th - Jan 4th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Here’s one storyline. Here’s another. Here’s an endless number of storylines hovering on the groundless surface.

Kaye’s granular drawings are seasonal, even hourly, depictions of light and intimacy. They blanch in the yellow California summer. They fold in, purple and blue, at twilight. The borders disappear as her shapes meander across one another, building conversational layer upon layer.

While this close-ness is front and center in Kaye’s waxy colored pencil drawings, Girard’s communal patterns retain an anthropologic distance. They look in on a make-believe landscape of make-believe palm fronds and make-believe humans, spinning ancient tales with modernist dance moves. Precise as woodblocks, Girard’s paintings nod to the design work of his legendary grandfather, Alexander Girard, while refusing to be still, vibrating in primal clay and blue and black pigments.

Back Gallery:

In the vein of James Turrell and his sometimes collaborator, Jim Campbell, a time‐based meditative space will be installed by Craig Dorety in the back gallery, giving the feeling of watching infinite light waves ascend from the horizon.