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Title: Daniel Lippincott – ORGIASTIC
Artist: Daniel Lippincott
Dates: Nov 15th - Dec 20th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Saturday’s 1-5 pm through Dec 20th.

Classic Cars West and Champagne & Nettles Collective are pleased to announce the opening on November 7th of Orgiastic, a solo exhibition by multi-media artist Daniel Lippincott. In his most recent work, Lippincott has blended what he calls his “favorite visual lovers: color, texture and digital algorithms” with his personal collection of photography to create free-wheeling works of unexpected and ecstatic imagery drawn from years of experimentation in both visual art and music.

Daniel’s visual art has always been digital but it strives all the same to achieve an organic, ‘analog’ aspect to create balance in the finished work. His tendency is to work quickly and spontaneously, avoiding any preconceptions about the finished product. The results are, in his words, a “messy, beautiful” hodgepodge. Lippincott’s creative abandon is palpable and contagious in his heady amalgamation of real and imaginary: one can’t help but be caught up in the whirlwind of ideas that Lippincott seamlessly and joyfully blends together.