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Title: Fall 2018 Peripheral Visions exhibition: Common Threads by The Mending Collective
Artist: Carole Frances Lung, Mansur Nurullah, and Angie Wilson
Dates: Nov 3rd - Dec 14th
Time: Check Venue listings.

Chandra Cerrito Contemporary is pleased to announce Common Threads, presented by the Fall 2018 Peripheral Visions curators-in-residence,The Mending Collective: Leeza Doreian, Liz Harvey, and Danielle Wright. Centered around the work of artists Carole Frances Lung, Mansur Nurullah, and Angie Wilson, the exhibition highlights how the practices of these three artists explore a variety of sewing techniques to shed light on the textile industry and its excesses.

Opening November 3rd and running through December 14th, the exhibit will feature a range of participatory events to activate the gallery space throughout the duration of the show.

An artist, activist, educator, and organizer concerned with the global garment economy, Carole Frances Lung is the biographer and the archivist of her alter ego, Frau Fiber. For over a decade, textile superhero Frau Fiber has created participatory actions across the globe that aim to “make apparel production transparent” while engaging folks to use sewing at home and in groups, often led by Faux Fraus, anointed by Frau Fiber to lead willing stitchers to take back garment production from the garment industry.

Mansur Nurullah is a textile artist who transforms by hand materials that would otherwise be bound for trash into functional objects such as wallets, backpacks, and bags as well as exquisitely intricate, beautiful sculptures that describe the topographic landscapes he has moved in and through.

Angie Wilson mines seismic cultural shifts and the subtleties of consciousness in her textile-based sculpture and installations. Employing a breadth of textile practices ranging from flag- and banner- making to hand-knotting inspired by carpet construction techniques,Wilson weaves themes of empowerment, collaboration, and resistance into her inclusive, celebratory work.

About the Curators in Residence

The Mending Collective is a cooperative of artists who create space for people to come together to learn and practice visual mending techniques.We are concerned with economic models built on burgeoning consumption and waste specifically within the garment industry, but indicative of production in general.We explore the traditional practices of mending as a means to counter this narrative.

About Peripheral Visions

PeripheralVisions is an artist- or curator-in-residence program at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, a contemporary art gallery. Its mission is to provide an Oakland-based platform for artists and curators of wide-ranging backgrounds and outlooks to present projects that: 1) create bridges– encourage connection and communication among diverse groups, or 2) expand the view–broaden perspectives on art and the human experience. Peripheral Visions aims to present meaningful and compelling creative works incorporating visual art that utilize the gallery’s physical space and engage its community.

In this time of political, economic, and cultural polarization on a national and regional scale, art can prompt genuine communication,empathy,and insight required for a harmonious future.Art can enable collaboration and a sense of shared experience between people despite our perceived differences. It may offer new means of problem solving that bypass traditional approaches. While art may be an important key to the health of our society, the Bay Area’s current real estate climate poses significant challenges to the sustainability of art venues.PeripheralVisions provides a place in Oakland for creative voices to be heard at this critical time.