About Oakopolis Gallery

Oakopolis provides a venue for artists whose work explores the inner landscape, who use their work as a way to process their lives and through that, to contribute to the ...


Dates: Oct 6th - Nov 18th
Time: Check Venue listings.

October 6th – November 18th, 2017
Opening day: Friday, October 6th, 2017, 6-9pm
Reception on October 14th, 1-5 pm
Open on Saturdays, 1-5 pm and on First Friday Art Murmurs, 10/6 & 11/3 6-9 pm


Oakopolis is excited to present a solo show of Vicki Gunter’s ceramic sculptures. We’ve been sharing art with everyone for 10 years now and are thrilled to share this experience with you all.


“As a native of California, the clay state, I work with clay from the earth to defend the earth.

I love the clay process, pushing its limits, revealing its innate qualities, turning mud to stone. I feel a passionate urgency to conjure art in this revolutionary time and value clay’s infinite potential. mirroring our own.

In this show, I am seeking creative and community balance. My intention is to share work that stirs the visceral will to face our many challenges, with joy, in the beauty that is us and all other life. Beauty that is under our feet and setting sail at our backs.

The masterpiece of nature is my source and anchor, in wild places, and at home in East Oakland. I am inspired by its no-waste complexity. It can be a guide to us, as artists and citizens, by its responses to our actions.

Clay has a memory. It records your fingerprints and all the ways you held it in your hands. Our earth has a memory and responds to our manipulations. My work in clay draws from the knowledge that everything…our food, home, clothes, tools, toys all come from the ‘clay’ of the earth and the hope that we will seek solutions in nature-based knowledge to grow, gather, love & consume leaving the smallest fingerprint.

You are invited to join me at The Community Clay Table, where you can sink your fingers into clay & imagine it is the DNA soup of star stuff. Play. Make what what you will. Place it in the mini Community Gallery or smoosh it back into the recycle bag.”