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Title: Aida Lizalde: Binomial
Artist: Aida Lizalde
Dates: Jun 7th - Jun 28th
Time: Check Venue listings.

In our Artist in Residence space at Chandra Cerrito / Art Advisors, Katie Revilla is pleased to exhibit work by Aida Lizalde for the month of June.

Binomial is an installation composed of multiple sculptural works by Aida Lizalde and a performative photo series done in collaboration with artist Jesse Vazquez. Through the installation, Lizalde juxtaposes her own family’s generational trauma to the systemic trauma of colonization that indigenous people experience and mestizos are a product of. Lizalde uses the binary code and the Mayan numbers to represent mestizaje and a current post-structuralist experience of technology, communication and cultural identity.


“I cannot identify solely as my indigenous genes, neither only as my colonizer spanish background. The term Mestizaje is problematic because it homogenizes Mexican identity and perpetuates the erasure and oppression of existing indigenous cultures in Mexico, but adopting a one sided cultural identity is problematic for all Mexicans who do not belong to an actual indigenous culture (i.e. Mixteco, Zapoteco, Otomi etc.). I am unable to find one identity. My identity is binomial. I am both and neither indigenous and colonizer.”


About Aida Lizalde


Aida Lizalde (b. 1990, Mexico) is a multimedia artist based in the Delta region of California and living in Sacramento. She makes sculptures, installations, and multi-media works which often include video. Lizalde uses minimalist esthetics through construction materials, clay, found objects, and textiles to express themes that analyze her personal experience in an intimate and political context. The core of her work is about raising social questions or understanding personal narratives through ritualistic and performative actions. Her sculptures are records of corporeal and material processes relating to physical labor, struggles of generational trauma, gender, and assimilation as an immigrant. The drive in her practice is the product of a constant analysis of social and physical structures, research into the complex relationships between visually satisfying objects and visceral human urges that trigger self reflection, discomfort, amusement, and intellectual queries.


Her work has been exhibited at the Torrance Art Museum, Southern Exposure, Gearbox Gallery, the Museum of Northern California of Chico, the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Beacon Project Sacramento, SOMArts South of Market Cultural Center, The Latino Center of Art and Culture of Sacramento, and Axis Gallery. She has curated visual arts content for Placeholder Magazine and Axis Gallery and has been a recipient of the Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, Young Space Grant, the Hopkins Endowment for Studio Art Students, the Crocker Kingsley Art Award, and the Herb Alpert Scholarship for Emerging Young Artists among others.